Below is a list of FAQ questions and answers on our laser tag course at Butter And Egg Adventure Park located in Troy, Alabama. To reserve your spot on our laser tag course, click here.

How is Laser Combat different from Paintball?

The only difference between the two is that you get hit with an object while playing paintball.  The gun emits an invisible beam and when it hits the sensors on the top of another gun, you know that you have been shot.  Both sports use strategy to play the game, but our equipment is capable of providing audio and visual signals indicating game time, kills, health, who shot you, etc…  At the end of each session, you are provided with stats for each team and individual playing performance.

What ages may play laser combat?

The minimum age to play is 5 years.  Games may be enjoyed by all ages through adult.

Will my group get the field to ourselves?

To guarantee private use of the field, then you must have a minimum of 10 players, or pay the group rate for 10 players ($150.00).  For groups less than 10 players, additional walk up players may be added.

Is the laser combat gun included with the admission?

Yes, everything you need to play Outdoor Laser combat is included in the admission price, including team colored coded buffs.

Must players sign waivers prior to playing laser combat?

Yes, all players participating in The Battlefield at Butter and Egg Adventures must sign a waiver  to play. Players under 18 years old must have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian or a group leader who has said permission and will assume responsibility for the minor player.

How much does it cost?

A 90 minute session using is $15.00 per player.

What happens if it starts raining during play?

Games will continue, unless it is a heavy downpour or lightning is in the area.

Is a reservation required?

We encourage you to make reservations either via phone (334.670-9954).

Is laser combat dangerous and does it hurt?

Players will not feel the beams that strike them.  Similar to the beam emitted from your television remote, the infrared beam is not a true “Laser;” therefore there is no pain.  The dangers are an aken to any game that involves running, chasing, hiding, etc. on an outdoor playing field.  Laser Combat is a non-contact sport!

What should I wear?

Dress in comfortable clothes for the weather.  Closed toe shoes must be worn.