Laser Combat Games – Lock Load Shoot

Laser Combat Games - Lock Load Shoot

If you enjoy adrenaline packed movies, our outdoor combat laser tag missions are just what you are looking for.  Our playing field combines high-octane laser combat games – lock load shoot with realistic environments that make it an unforgettable experience. Team up with your buddies and snipe through your opponents, in a quest to earn more points than your enemies.  our laser combat games are played in vast outdoor environment that have been designed to depict different scenarios. The playing field provides a vast, open area for no holds barred showdowns.

The Battlefield missions vary greatly in terms of objectives and viable strategies. Some of our missions are relatively simple search and rescue missions, in which you have to locate the hostage or POW, and get him to safety while dodging enemy fire. Other missions like Capture the Flag may require you to capture the enemy’s flag from no-man’s land and carry it back to your base, while your teammates provide covering fire to keep your foes at bay. In addition, there are search and recovery missions, in which your objective is to recover top secret documents from enemy strongholds and carry those behind the enemy’s line of control.

Most of the missions have one common characteristic, in that they all require perfect teamwork. You simply can’t hope to be victorious on your own and still be able to complete the missions. Careful strategic planning and teamwork can make a mission a success, while charging out to the open can get your team neutralised by enemy snipers in no time at all..

Laser tag games is one of the fastest growing sports in the US.

Laser Combat Games – Lock Load Shoot:

• Last Man Standing
• Black Hawk Down
• Supply Grab
• Elimination
• Military Intel
• Safe Cracker
• Sniper
• Capture The Flag
• Medic Rescue