Laser Tag Experience

Here at the “Battlefield,” our goal is to provide the most exciting laser tag experience in Alabama. Our playing field is the most realistic and advanced tactical laser tag field you will play on.  Players may simulate a down pilot rescue mission, or work as a team to capture the enemy’s flag, or play “Every man for himself”, in an effort to be the last man or woman standing. The Battlefield’s laser tag missions provide for a fun and thrilling team activity, which can be played in either small or large groups.

Laser Tag Experience

The laser tag adventure courses range in difficulty and are great to play with friends, family members and colleagues.  All of the laser tag missions at the “Battlefield, are perfect for all ages. During your laser tag experience, you will have access to fox holes, bunkers, machine gun nests, a look-out tower and two authentic, U.S. Army retired helicopters.

The laser combat equipment or the battlefield armory at The Battlefield, is some of the best in the industry.  Our guns offer a range of over 200 feet, which will allow you to use much of the combat field to play your missions.  We recommend wearing the correct attire while playing missions on our outdoor playing field.  Avoid such clothing as skirts, shorts, swimwear and halter tops. Proper footwear is also essential to ensure you can quickly and easily move about the playing field.

Here at the Battlefield laser tag course, we have 9 different missions to choose from, making your laser tag experience a memorable one.

Laser Tag Missions:

• Last Man Standing
• Black Hawk Down
• Supply Grab
• Elimination
• Military Intel
• Safe Cracker
• Sniper
• Capture The Flag
• Medic Rescue