Laser Tag Missions


During your playing time, you will have opportunities to change laser tag missions and change different playing scenarios for both individual and team situations.  Players may simulate a down pilot rescue mission, or work as a team to capture the enemy’s flag, or play “Every man for himself”, in an effort to be the last man or woman standing.  Our outdoor laser combat missions will get your blood pumping and mind racing, while ultimately trying to evade enemy fire.  We have nine different missions to choose from and every game will have to be played differently.

The laser combat equipment or the battlefield armory at The Battlefield, is some of the best in the industry.  You know who you have hit and you even know who hit you.  With a range of over 200 feet, you will be able to use much of the combat field to play on.

Tactical Laser Games:

• Last Man Standing
• Black Hawk Down
• Supply Grab
• Elimination
• Military Intel
• Safe Cracker
• Sniper
• Capture The Flag
• Medic Rescue

and More!