Capture the Flag


Capture the Flag

During your playing time, you will have opportunities to change up laser tag games to create different playing scenarios for both individual and team situations.  Each of our combat missions, including the “Capture The Flag” mission will get your blood pumping and mind racing, while ultimately trying to evade enemy fire.

Capture The Flag

All players must begin the game at their base and can’t leave till the game begins.  Players, who are hit and killed twice, are out of the game.  If a player is carrying the opposing teams flag back to their base and are hit, they must drop the flag where they are hit.  Another team member must pick up the flag and continue the game.  When a player is carrying the flag, it must remain visible at all times.  To complete the game, you must raise the flag up the pole.

Choose From Any Of Our Other Tactical Laser Tag Missions:

• Last Man Standing
• Black Hawk Down
• Supply Grab
• Elimination
• Military Intel
• Safe Cracker
• Sniper
• Medic Rescue

Come out and visit us in Troy Alabama.  You will have plenty of opportunity to be a great team member, or stand on your own during the laser tag games. We look forward to providing the best laser tag experience around, so make a reservation at the Battlefield at Butter and Egg Adventures today. Each of our sessions are 90 minutes in duration and you will have the opportunity to play around 6-8 games in this time period.  All of your laser gun equipment will be provided as part of your package.