This laser tag field offers the players, a very realistic playing option.  Located in the woo

ds just right of the driveway, this two acre field

has plenty of cover for the laser tag players.  With trees and ravines located throughout the playing field, the laser tag player will have plenty of cover to maneuver through.  With new game scenarios, which are not available on “The Battlefield”, the laser tag players will have not only get through the cover, but will have to work together as a unit to accomplish the mission task.  Unlike “The Battlefield”, there are no re-spawns (c

Frontline Battlefield

oming back to life), so each team will have to decide how to handle their mission each time.  Every couple of games, each “Unit” will change roles and become the Defenders/Aggressors.


Because this field is more rugged than “The Battlefield”, players will not be allowed to “RUN” on this field.  Our “Staff” will kindly remind the players of this and those who continuously abuse this rule, will be asked to sit out games.

Here are the new “Missions” for this field, as well as a sample of the “Mission Brief” for one of the games.

Special Operations

  • Deep Reconnaissance (Mission Brief)- This is a deep reconnaissance mission. There is an enemy force that has currently moved into this area; however, there is an enemy outpost not far from here. Spec Ops must get behind enemy lines and retrieve the Intel from their base and then Exfil with the enemy Intel. The enemy is dangerous, deadly force is authorized.
  • Asset Recovery
  • Combat Hunter
  • High Profile Target
  • Weapons Cache

FBI & Bomb Squad

  • Terrorist Hunt
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Bomb Squad IED Threat
  • The Smuggler
  • International Arms Dealer


  • Drug Raid “Double Dutch”
  • The Drug Smuggler
  • Cartel Leader “El Professor”
  • Search and Seizure “Money and Drugs”
  • Under Cover Compromised

Prisoners of War (POW)

  • Taking Prisoners
  • Prisoner Escape
  • Prisoner Hunt
  • Prisoner Rescue
  • Take No Prisoners

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