Outdoor Laser Combat


The Battlefield at Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy, Alabama, is the area’s only outdoor tactical laser tag combat field.  Featuring state-of-the art laser tag equipment and over a dozen game scenarios, The Battlefield provides a unique outdoor laser combat recreational experience for all ages to enjoy.

During your experience, you will have access to fox holes, bunkers and machine gun nests. Our goal is to provide the most exciting laser tag experience in Alabama by producing the most realistic and advanced tactical laser tag field you have ever seen.

When you visit the Battlefield for the first time and experience the outdoor laser tag combat course, you will be amazed how vast the playing field is.  Our laser tag equipment is top notch and provides you with real time information as you play the game.

Tactical Laser Games:

Last Man Standing
Black Hawk Down
Supply Grab
Military Intel
Safe Cracker
Capture The Flag
Medic Rescue

For example, try being the “Medic”, who has been captured by the enemy and it’s up to your team to rescue you from them.  Did you ever want to be the last man or woman standing, then we have a game for you, where everyone is against everyone else.

Come out and visit us in Troy Alabama.  You will have plenty of opportunity to be a great team member, or stand on your own during the laser tag games. We look forward to providing the best laser tag experience around, so make a reservation at the Battlefield at Butter and Egg Adventures today.  Each of our sessions are 90 minutes in duration and you will have the opportunity to play around 6-8 games in this time period.  All of your laser gun equipment will be provided as part of your package.

Outdoor Laser Combat