Throw an Epic Laser Tag Birthday Party

Throw an Epic Laser Tag Birthday Party

Want to give your guest something amazing to talk about for your next birthday party? If yes, throw an epic laser tag birthday party! Both boys and girls love action-packed activities, especially role playing games like combat laser tag! Laser tag at the Battlefield, would be a superb birthday party event because it provides a theme, entertainment and group participation all in one great event! Laser tag can keep your kids entertained and completely focused on the task because there is never a dull moment!

Hear at Butter and Egg Adventures, we are here to help you throw one amazing birthday event that surely will go down in birthday history as one of the best ever!

First: Keep the birthday Occasion Easy and Informal.

Simply bring the entire birthday group to our outdoor playing field. Our staff will provide everything they will need to play laser tag. Also remember to plan a way to transport all that will be guests together to the arena. You do not want anyone missing out on all the fun!

Second: Reserve the Battlefield.

Make sure to reserve the “Battlefield” well in advance.  We only have one outdoor facility to play the laser tag missions on and we definitely do not want you to miss out on the total experience. This can include a designated area for your party, fully equipped kitchen, tables and chairs! When you save time and money, you have fun!

Third: Throw an Epic Laser Tag Birthday Party With Us.

To have a really outstanding birthday party,  we recommend that you come early, so that our staff can assist you with any of your birthday requests beforehand. The Battlefield has over 42000 square feet of playing area, fox holes, machine gun nest and two retired Army huey helicopters that the kids will have access to during their laser tag missions.  Our goal is to provide the most memorable experience for the Birthday boy or girl.